DaYan 3x3x3 57mm Standard


DaYan 3x3x3 57mm Standard - 1 set of DaYan 3x3x3 57mm Standard stickers...


Half Bright ES 2x2x2 (LL, V, SS)

Half Bright ES 2x2x2 (LL, V, SS) - 1 set of EastSheen size 2x2x2 (LanLan, V-cubes, ShengShu) Half Bright stickers...


Glow in the dark 3x3x3

Glow in the dark 3x3x3 - 1 set of Glow in the dark 3x3x3 stickers...


Speedcubers Silicone 20ml OIL

Speedcubers Silicone 20ml OIL - The product is perfect for the treatment of the inner surface of twisty puzzles....


30 color Megaminx

30 color Megaminx - 1 set of 30 color Megaminx stickers Pete s version after stickering:...


Earth cube

Earth cube - The Earth is not round – it s a cube! Rubik s Cube version of a sharp-edged globe from Vadim Grishin....


Cube house (Normal or Bermuda)

Cube house (Normal or Bermuda) - Design: Olivér Nagy Texture: Dave Graffam...


Super Minx

Super Minx - A Super Cube is a design variation of different dodecahedrons which visualizes the orientation of side parts....


Supernova Original

Supernova original - 1 set of Supernova stickers Original colorsSupernova Original - 1 set of Supernova stickers Original like colors...


2 solution cube

2 solution 3x3x3 - 1 set of 2 solution 3x3x3 cube stickers2 solution cube - 1 set of 2 solution cube stickers...


Welcome to Olivér's Stickers

Thank you for visiting our webshop!

Our goal is to provide good quality stickers for twisty puzzles. Year after year there are more and more puzzles on the market, we take affort to make any stickers you need. Because of this you can find the most kind of stickers in our shop.
Our stickers are favorized not just because they are colorful, but because they are perfectly cut from wery high quality materials. Thanks to these materials the stickers have long life, and they never fade.
If you go to competitions, bilt your own puzzles, collecting them or just simply like twisty puzzles, you are in the right place!

Our stickers can be categorized to 3 parts regarding their materials:

  • Normal stickers:
    • These stickers are colored in their material. We have a large scale of colors what we use. Beside the normal sets, we can fulfill special orders too.
      The material never fade, they adhere well and have a long life.
  • UV and Glowing stickers:
    • Like the normal stickers they are colored in their material as well. The speciality is their base materials:

·  The paint in the material of the UV stickers are glow if they under UV / black light. They are available in 6 intensive bright colors.

·  We are selling stickers what do not need special light to glow. These are the real ’Glow in the dark’ stickers. If you charge them using the sunlight or atifical light source, they will glow in the dark. The glowing can remain for 3 hours depend on the charging. They comes only one color.

  • Printed stickers:
    • These stickers are made with a special printer plotter machine. This garante that the images will never miscutted. For the production we use a white base print winil. After the printing is ready we apply an extra layer of lack to prevent the printing abrade.
    • Regarding the images, we offer already designed famous images but we can make special unique stickers as well.
    • For speedcubers we offer personalized logos for any existing puzzle thipe!

If you want to order any unique items, just contact us:

About us

OLIVÉ's goal is to provide the best quality stickers for your twisty puzzles. We make every effort to produce the most variety, quality, and personalised stickers from our shop. If you enter competitions, build your own puzzles, collect them or just simply enjoy personalizing twisty puzzles, you are in the right place!

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