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Unique design stickers

We recommend this kind of "product" to those costumers, who has a special home made puzzle, bud do not have stickers for it.
We can make any kind of stickers you would like.

We need some kind of prepared plan.
We can accept almost any kind of file formats. If we need to redraw the whole design we ask some extra fee = max 2 Euro But if you have a file, with only containing loops, it would be really great.  
In the past year(s) I have developed a redraw method. With it I can use hand (or computer) drawn picture with some measurements, or scanned images. So I must say, it doesn't meter what kind of file do you send me. 

Few things you need to know:
- The manufacture takes 1 weeks (depends, how many orders I have, to worth it to cut them at once)
- The prise is always a bit higher for a special design, but not much.
- The final prise depends on:

  • how many sets do you want to buy
  • how many colors do you need
  • what kind of colors do you need (UV colors are more expensive)
  • what is the size of your stickers.
  • If you want printed stickers or special printed colors the prise goes up a bit.

- The prise of this "product" covers the price of the normal stickers for normal size puzzle (up to 5x5x5 size), up to 12 normal colors For any other special request I'll ask extra fee.

For further informations feel free to contact me at info@oliverstickers.com

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