TwistyTex's 4x4x4 62mm Bump cube puzzle extension


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TwistyTex's 4x4x4 62mm Bump cube puzzle extension

1 set of TwistyTex's 4x4x4 62mm Bump cube puzzle extension pieces
Theese extensions will work on the Kung Fu Cang Feng, Moyu Aosu (62mm), MoFang JiaoShi MF4S, etc.

We have received Casewy Weaver's (aka TwistyTex) permission to sell his designs on our site.

These 3D printed extensions will allow more people to make/own a 4x4 bump cube. Anyone can have a set of these extensions 3D printed and then glue them onto the specified 4x4 to create a 4x4 bump cube.

You have the option to only glue on the extensions onto a base puzzle with little or no finishing for a rough looking, but still playable puzzle. Or, if you are more of a modder, you can fill, sand and paint the puzzle for a more polish looking 4x4 bump cube.

The parts are printed in PETg material with 0.4 mm extruder, and 0.2 mm layer height

We keep some of the printed pieces in stock, but if multiple order came in, The production of the pieces my can take up to 1-3 weeks.

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