Glow in the dark stickers

We are selling stickers that don't need special light to glow. These are the real ’Glow in the dark’ stickers. If you charge them using sunlight or an artifical light source (Black light is the best), they will glow in the dark.
They come in two sets, the first one which is only white, and glows green in the dark, and the second one which is made up of six colors.

If you want this sticker material for a puzzle that is not listed here, please contact us, and we will gladly create it for you!

Important notice: For the 1 color color Glow in the dark stickers, most of the cases, you will receive only half amount of sheet than the puzzle side numbers. This is because you need to use the outside part of the stickers on one side of the puzzle, and the inside part on the other side. Like on this image: 

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OLIVÉ's goal is to provide the best quality stickers for your twisty puzzles. We make every effort to produce the most variety, quality, and personalised stickers from our shop. If you enter competitions, build your own puzzles, collect them or just simply enjoy personalizing twisty puzzles, you are in the right place!

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