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Metallic color change

If you do not like one or more colors in the sticker set, you would like to buy, you can choose this option, and we will change the color to the Metallic one you would like!

If you put this „product" to your cart, you can change up to 3 colors in any sets of stickers you also want to buy. If you want more, please put more of this service to your cart. You can give us the colors you need at the checkout, or via E-mail:

You can choose your colors from this list:

Avery 898 PC Bright Gold Metallic
Avery 897 PC  Bronz Metallic
Avery 887 PC  Light Red Metallic
Avery 888 PC  Bright Blue Metallic
Avery 890 PC  Dark Green Metallic
Avery 891 PC  Silver Gray Metallic
Avery 896 PC  Black Metallic




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