Helicopter 3x3 Puzzle


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Helicopter 3x3 Puzzle

1 pcs Helicopter 3x3 SLS 3D printed puzzle

Only available for pre order!

How our service work?

1.) After your cleared payment, we order the 3D printed pieces. Greg's Puzzles shared them with us, so we have all tthe necessary files to get the puzzle printed
2.) We clean the pieces: Usually from 3D printing there are some left over printing powder remain on, and in the pieces, what needed to be removed.
3.) We sort the pieces, 
4.) We re order the missing pieces,  :)
5.) Assemble your puzzle.
6.) We'll brake in your puzzle. It is necessary to make it able to play with
7.) Apply the stickers to the puzzle. We might use superglue coating on top of them, to make them unmovable, and prevent loss of them.
8.) We lube your cube. For this we will use our own lube
9.) We pack your puzzle within a box in the safest way it is possible, (And we ad an extra set of stickers in case if some will lost in use) and send it to you.

If you are located outside EU, you might need to pay import duty after the puzzle arrives to your country!

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