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Q-cube v2

1 set of Q-cube v2 stickers

This sticker set is made to offer a cheap solution to those who have no money to buy the original QUBAMI cube.
We have the permission from Kelvin Scott to produce these stickers, but we can sell them with the following rules:
- We are not selling the sticker set to any company. Also please note that if you buy it, you are not allowed to re-sell it!
- The maximum quantity available for one person is 3 sets! (If you buy more, we will cancel your order, and refund your payment!)

We sell these stickers INDEPENDANTLY from the producers of Qubami cube, with the permission of the inventor. This means that the producers of the qubami cube have no responsibility, liability, or customer support on this sticker product!

We highly recommend to buy the original QUBAMI cube from https://www.qubami.com/shop/en/

Please check Tony Fisher's review of the original QUBAMI CUBE:

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