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Welcome to Olivér's Stickers

Winter Holidays
Dear costumers, We would like to inform you that we will go on Holidays from 16 December, and will start to work at 05 January 2020
As usual, your orders are welcome in this period as well, but please be patient, because we will only start to process them from 06 January. All orders arrived before 16 December will be process this year.
Thanks for your understanding!


Thank you for visiting our webshop!     

Our goal is to provide high quality stickers for twisty puzzles. Year after year there are more and more puzzles on the market, we take effort to make any stickers you need. Because of this you can find the biggest vareity of stickers in our shop.
Our stickers are favorized not just because they are colorful, but because they are perfectly cut from very high quality materials. Thanks to these materials the stickers have long life, and they never fade.
If you go to competitions, build your own puzzles, collect them or just simply like twisty puzzles, you are in the right place!




  Kedves vásárlónk!

Ezúton értesítünk, hogy az oldalunkon technikai okokból megszüntettük a Magyar nyelv használattát.
Továbbra is felveszünk Magyarországról rendelést. Amennyiben az Angol nyelv gondot okoz, kérlek írj e-mailt a termékekkel, amiket szeretnél, és mi bármiben állunk segítségedre!
Email címünk: info@oliverstickers.com



















About us

OLIVÉRStickers.com's goal is to provide the best quality stickers for your twisty puzzles. We make every effort to produce the most variety, quality, and personalised stickers from our shop. If you enter competitions, build your own puzzles, collect them or just simply enjoy personalizing twisty puzzles, you are in the right place!

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