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Speedcube Skewb

We offer multiple Skewb stickers!
Please choose the proper sticker among the listed versions!
If you do not find your cube type there, please contact us by email: info@oliverstickers.com


Color schemes:

Olivér's 6+1 Half Bright Full Bright Chrome
Avery 502 Black Avery 502 Black Avery 502 (Black) -
Avery 501 White Avery 501 White Avery 501 White S 3101 Chrome Silver
Avery 504 Primrose Yellow Avery 526 Stone Yellow Fluorescent 029 Yellow S 3102 Chrome Gold
Avery 532 Kelly Green Fluorescent 069 Green Fluorescent 069 Green S 3114 Chrome Galaxy
Avery 528 Vivid Blue Avery 510 Bright Blue Avery 510 Bright Blue S 3104 Chrome Royal Blue
Avery 509 Orange Fluorescent 037 Orange Fluorescent 037 Orange S 3111 Chrome Orange
Avery 503 Geranium Red Avery 503 Geranium Red Fluorescent 039 Red S 3103 Chrome Red


Available cube brands:


Image Version and description
Mefferts Skewb
Very small corner roundings
LanLan Skewb
Small corner roundings
Moyu Skewb
Middle size corner roundings


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