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Glow in the dark Megaminx 6 color LIMITED! Please read product info!


1 set of Glow in the dark Megaminx 6 color

We use our Meffert's Megaminx template for this product, but they should fit to most common Megaminx puzzles.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We tried to push the limits of our cutter with this product, and we are not 100% satisfied with the outcome. The curves are not perfect, and during the cuts of these outline stickers some parts fell out, and some small stickers may be curled up, which we have placed back to the sheet.. All small stickers are usable, but you need to know that this product is not perfect! It has some errors, so before buying it please consider it!

If you will buy this prcoduct, at first, you will see that the stickers are really thick, and we have cut the small stickers really close to each other. The reason is that the sticker material is really expensive, so we wanted to save as much material as we can, to make it as cheap for our shop as it is possible.
Unlike our other stickers, the intersections are on the sheet, (we did not pick it out as we used to do with our other stickers).

This comes from the middle quality adhesive. If we pick out the intersection, the glue may go over the "good" part of the stickers, and may make it dirty.

We hope you will be able to pick out the good part from the sheet without having problem.

We suggest to leave the intersections on the paper, and only pick out the individual small stickers. Just fold along a cut line, and then it is easier to pick it out with a blade. Sometimes you need to use a bit of force to break it out or separate it from the intersections.

After you have applied them we suggest to let the glue dry for 10-20 minutes. Otherwise the stickers may move during turning the puzzle.

The producer of the material says that the sticker material is:

- Non-Toxic.
- Non-radioactive,
- Environment friendly
- Lead and phosphorous free

We believe that all of the above is true, but still, we advise you not to give it to children, who may eat the stickers, and always handle the puzzle carefully, and wash your hands after usage.

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