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Calendar cube Korean

Korean (Hangul) Calendar Cube

This cube is a perpetual calendar. By twisting and rotating it, you can set it to today's date.

The weekday in blue characters is located at the top. The month in white characters in red is shown in the middle row. The day in black characters is located at the bottom.

The Korean calendar cube, created by Wilson Woo in 2007, is based on the Japanese version by Paul Kobayashi.

Korean (Hangul) weekdays

Hangul Transcription Meaning English
월요일 woryoil Moon day Monday
화요일 hwayoil Fire day Tuesday
수요일 suyoil Water day Wednesday
목요일 mogyoil Wood day Thursday
금요일 geumyoil Metal/gold day Friday
토요일 toyoil Earth day Saturday
일요일 iryoil Sun day Sunday

Korean (Hangul) months

Hangul Transcription Meaning English
일월 irwol 1st month January
이월 iwol 2nd month February
삼월 samwol 3rd month March
사월 sawol 4th month April
오월 owol 5th month May
유월 yuwol 6th month June
칠월 chirwol 7th month July
팔월 parwol 8th month August
구월 guwol 9th month September
시월 siwol 10th month October
십일월 sibirwol 11th month November
십이월 sibiwol 12th month December

Korean (Sino-Korean) days

Sino-Korean Transcription Meaning English
il 1st First
i 2nd Second
sam 3rd Third
sa 4th Fourth
o 5th Fifth
yuk 6th Sixth
chil 7th Seventh
pal 8th Eighth
gu 9th Ninth
sip 10th Tenth
십일 sibil 11th Eleventh
십이 sibi 12th Twelfth
십삼 sipsam 13th Thirteenth
십사 sipsa 14th Fourteenth
십오 sibo 15th Fifteenth
십육 sibyuk 16th Sixteenth
십칠 sipchil 17th Seventeenth
십팔 sippal 18th Eighteenth
십구 sipgu 19th Nineteenth
이십 isip 20th Twentieth
이십일 isibil 21st Twenty-first
이십이 isibi 22nd Twenty-second
이십삼 isipsam 23rd Twenty-third
이십사 isipsa 24th Twenty-fourth
이십오 isibo 25th Twenty-fifth
이십육 isibyuk 26th Twenty-sixth
이십칠 isipchil 27th Twenty-seventh
이십팔 isippal 28th Twenty-eighth
이십구 isipgu 29th Twenty-ninth
삼십 samsip 30th Thirtieth
삼십일 samsibil 31st Thirty-first

The Korean language uses two different sets of cardinal numbers: Korean (Hangul) and Sino-Korean (Chinese) numbers. Dates are written in Sino-Korean numbers.


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