Curvy Maze cube


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Curvy Maze cube

The rules for this cleverly stickered cube:

1. All the stickers are identical.
2. Opposite sides always have the same pattern when solved.
3. All the corner cubes have the same pattern.
4. The six sides can be divided into two sets with identical patterns each.
5. It should be one closed line when solved.


































The Curvy Maze Cube features a single closed path drawn over the six faces of the cube. The path goes twice through each sticker. The faces are divided into two sets of identical patterns. Patterns on opposite faces are the same. Note that the stickers are all identical and the corners look the same as well.

No matter how scrambled this cube is, one or more closed paths always exist.

The layout of the Curvy Maze Cube was created in 2011 by Philip Boreysha.







































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