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Turtle cube

The surface of the cube shows a total of 24 entangled sea turtles. Each of the four differently colored turtles show six times. The graphic design is based on the artwork The Sea Turtles by Jos Leys.

Due to the application of the image on the 3-D object, only three flippers meet at the corners instead of four like in Leys original drawing.

The layout of the Turtle Cube is based on artwork by Jos Leys and was created in 2009 by Walter Randelshofer. The original artwork is used with permission.

Jos Leys is a Belgian mechanical engineer who creates beautiful images from abstract mathematics using programs such as Ultra Fractal and Povray. He also transformed many of M.C. Escher's famous plane (Euclidian) tilings into hyperbolic (circle limit) ones.


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