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Transparent logos

5 pcs unique transparent logo stickers

Make your own cube unique!

Create your own logo and send it via E-mail.
If you have an idea but you can’t make it, we can help in design!

The basic set contains:

  • 10 pcs R 3x3x3 logo
  • 5 pcs R 4x4x4 logo
  • 5 pcs R 5x5x5 logo

Of course you can order logos for any kind of puzzle we are offer, in any quantities.

Minimum order quantity/puzzle: 5 pcs
Minimum order quantity/ design in total: 5 pcs

When ordering, please don’t forget to care about the quantity you want!
This "product" contains 5 pcs logos. So you need to order at least 4 pcs of this. any aditional 1 piece = +5 logos

During the checkout, please fill the 'Comments About Your Order’ box with the following informations:
Puzzle brand and size you want the logos for. (for example the 2x2x2 is not enough! You need to tell us EastSheen, V-cubes or Rubik’s you want the stickers for!)
When you are finish with the checkout send us the logos via email: Or if you want us to help in design, just tell us what you want!
After you made the payment, we start the manufacturing of your stickers. It usually takes 3-4 weeks.
After the stickers are ready, we send you a notification via Email, and also send you the stickers.

To make it all clear in a few sentences:

1 set (1 product that you ad to your basket) = 1.25 Euro = 5 pcs logos
The minimum order quantity is 4 sets = 20 pcs = 5 Euro
Any additional +1 set is = +5 logos = +1.25 Euro
The minimum order quantity / puzzle is 5 pcs.

You can order it for any puzzles we have a template for. (or if you help us create the template, it can be any kind of puzzle.)
As for files we accept any common formats, like JPG, PNG, GIF etc...

The production time takes maximum 3-4 weeks.

These transparent logos are THICK! Much thicker than usual stickers!

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