Two Face 3x3x3


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Two Face 3x3x3

1 set of Two Face 3x3x3 stickers aka Lenticular Magic 2 solution 3x3x3

Compatibility: Fit to all 57mm cubes with equal cubies
Sticker size: 16x16mm with equal corner rounding
Sticker thickness: 0.55mm, what is much thicker than average stickers. It is more like a thin tile.

"The world's hardest 3x3x3 sticker mod."
Invented by Greg's Puzzles at 2017

This product is made with Lenticular printing
The lenticular images are made from a special material, which makes it available to show 2 (or more) images depending on the angle from where you look at it from.
In our product it shows a solved state of a 3x3x3, and a scrambled state. Both are solvable!
The hard thing in it, is to figure out which color belongs to which cube from the 2. This way you can have 2 red-green (or any other) edge, or you can have impossible color pairs like orange-orange, or green-blue edge colors.
The only fixed points are the centers. They are the same on both "cubes".

Good luck trying to solve this!

Use the edge color markings to orient the sides correctly before application! See product image.

Once you placed the sticker on the puzzle, you can't remove it without damaging the print! Please be very careful when applying!

"Satan's Rubik's cube puzzle"
Tony Fisher

"It feels so trippy when you scramble it"

"This was one trippy puzzle to solve. It took me three days to wrap my head around it"

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