Uncut sticker sheets Extra colors


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Uncut sticker sheets Extra colors

1 sheet of uncutt sticker material

If you put this product into your cart we will provide you 1 sheet of sticker material in the size of ~A4
Please choose your prefered color(s) from the list

If fell down stripes are ok for you as well, we can provide you 1x ~1.5 A4 size in stripes.
Minimum size of sripes: 40 x 40 mm
Average size of stripes: 40 x 200 mm
If this is ok for you, please choose the "stripes if possible" option if not, please check the "A4"

Please note: If you choose the "stripes if possible" option, we will only send you stipes if we have enough in stock, if not, we will provide you 1 A4 size sheet

A4 size stripes in size of ~1.5x A4


UV / Fluorescent colors 1.6 $ 2
Metallic colors 2.4 $ 3
Transparent colors 1.6 $ 2
Special colors (flake, mosaic, holo) 2.4 $ 3
Chrome colors 2.4 $ 3
Glow in the dark 8.0 $ 10
Others 2.4 $ 3



UV / Fluorescent colors:


Metallic colors


Transparent colors


Special colors


Pattern size:
Pattern size:
Pattern size:
S 0201
Mosaic Silver
S C201
Flake Silver
S 7901
Rainbow Brite
Pure mirror like material,
what shines in rainbow
S 0202
Mosaic Gold
S C202
Flake Gold
Holo Spiral
Pattern size: 19x19mm
R 0211
Mosaic Orange
R C2012
Flake Raspberry
Holo Squares
Pattern size: 25x25mm
S 0203
Mosaic Red
S C203
Flake Red
Carbon-Fibre like

Just imitate CF, smooth surface!
Pattern size: 2x3.5mm
S 0204
Mosaic Royal Blue
S C204
Flake Royal Blue
Carbon-Fibre like

Just imitate CF, smooth surface!
Pattern size: 2x3.5mm
S 0217
Mosaic Fluo Green
S C212
Flake  Galaxy


Chrome colors:


Chrome Silver
S 3102
Chrome Gold
S 3111
Chrome Orange
S 3103
Chrome Red
S 3104
Chrome Royal Blue
S 3114
Chrome Galaxy




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